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In a physics that invokes an aether, there is no such thing as empty space. The aether is by definition something that is present everywhere. In the case of The Velcro Universe, the aether is a mix of neutrinos and zero-point photons.

Space can therefore be considered a transparent medium. Photons travelling through “empty space” are in fact moving through a sea of very low energy particles.

This means that the same rules that apply to transparent media apply to space.

Small photons travel in a straighter line than big photons as they roll past zero-point particles. Small photons will therefore always win in a race with bigger photons even though these particles all travel at the same speed.

The shorter distance traversed by the smaller particle is what makes it arrive quicker at the destination.

It follows from this that the neutrinos, being the smallest of all particles, travel the fastest. In a race between a neutrino and a photon, the neutrino will come out the winner.

Neutrino in the process of overtaking a photon
Neutrino in the process of overtaking a photon

However, the effect is likely to be minuscule. Zero-point particles are extremely small. Enormous distances may be required to come anything close to the effect of a thin sheet of glass.

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