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A Theory of Physics by Fredrik Nygaard

The theory of physics presented here differs from other theories in that it is based on a simple mechanical model of the universe and everything in it rather than complex mathematics. It is therefore possible to use this theory as a guide to thinking about physics without the reader having to be well versed in math.

Guided by a handful of mechanical rules that anyone can understand, we explore the full scope of physics, and we discover that every physical phenomenon can be explained by the same simple principles.

This theory is similar to modern quantum mechanics, but with a number of key differences in interpretation. Most important of them is the absence of mysterious variables that can only be understood in mathematical terms. Everything presented here is explained in terms of particles hooking up with each other to produce structures, or bumping into each other to produce force.

In the final analysis, everything including time and space can be explained in terms of particles and motion.

For a general introduction to these ideas and their implications, read the Universe of Particles. For a more in depth and thorough investigation of the theory, read the Aether Physics book.

The books are also available in PDF format.

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