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A Theory of Physics by Fredrik Nygaard

Modern physics is full of mathematical formulas, and woefully lacking in simple explanations. Its jargon is convoluted and strange. How are we for example to imagine a two dimensional energy momentum, or a ten dimensional string. We are told that space is curved. But what does that mean?

Yet, the formulas produced have been impressively accurate and demonstrably correct. Modern engineering would be impossible without them. For all its complexity and weirdness, modern physics works in real life, and the consensus is that we really do live in a weird world, pretty much unfathomable to mere mortals.

However, the interpretations that have been derived from observations and formulas may be incorrect. A much simpler physics, outlined here, yields very similar results. It is similar to modern quantum mechanics, but with a number of key differences in interpretation, most important of them being that there are no mysterious variables that can only be understood in mathematical terms. Everything is explained in terms of particles hooking up with each other to produce structures, or bumping into each other to produce force. In the final analysis, everything including time and space can be explained in terms of particles and motion.

This idea has led to two books that can be read for free on this web site, or downloaded as free PDFs. For a general introduction to the ideas and their implications, read the Universe of Particles. For a more in depth and thorough investigation of the theory, read the Aether Physics book.

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