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Electric Volcanos

Earth is a giant capacitor. This is true regardless of its internal makeup, but it’s especially true if Earth is hollow, as suggested in my book. Furthermore, Earth appears to have cracked. There are multiple fault lines crossing our planet, all of them teeming with geological activity. This is similar to what happens when a capacitor is too heavily charged. Small ones explode. Big ones deform and crack, with hot dielectric matter oozing out.

Seen in this light, it’s reasonable to suggest that volcanos are electric phenomena. Magma is the hot dielectric matter pouring out of an overly charged planet. Volcanos are electrical hotspots, more heavily charged than areas of little to no geological activity.

This in turn ties up to gravity anomalies, with gravity consistently stronger in areas of much geological activity. It is the more heavily charged areas of our planet that have the strongest gravity, indicating that gravity is at least in part due to charge density.

Quake epicenters 1963-98.png

Quake epicenters
By NASA, DTAM project team –, Public Domain, Link

Gravity anomalies on Earth.jpg

Gravity anomalies
Public Domain, Link

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