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The model proposed in my earlier book, Universe of Particles, has been demonstrated to hold under scrutiny. The attentive reader may have noticed a slight change in formulation and interpretation of certain phenomena. The biggest differences being our interpretation of gravity with respect to light, the specifics of the aether, and the influence of speed on time. In these cases, it is of course our latest interpretations that get precedence over earlier work. However, we did not come across anything that gives us any reason to give up on our model. On the contrary, our model conforms well to reality.

There are two paths forwards from here. One path leads towards mathematical formulas and a further nailing down of details. The other path leads to a wider analysis, broadening the scope of the theory.

The mathematically inclined may fine enjoyment in deriving the various well established formulas from the principles laid out in this book. In this respect, we have only scratched the surface in our analysis of Coulomb’s law and gravity. There’s no lack of formulas to analyse further in light of our theory.

Those with a more philosophical inclination can use our theory as a model for wider interpretations. The Universe of Particles book is in this respect a place to go for inspiration. There are no lack of strange and vaguely understood phenomena that call for our attention. There is also pure theoretical work that can be done. There are no doubt other ways to interpret physics from a strict particle perspective. The aether may be defined differently, with equal or better success than what has been achieved here. Comments and suggestions in this respect are always welcome.

In any event, I hope you have enjoyed our in depth analysis, and found it entertaining to learn that a strict particle model of physics can in fact be applied to reality. I hope you found it well worth your time reading this, and that you will keep this theory in mind in your further explorations in the field of physics.


The work presented in this book would not have come about if it was not for Onar Åm once casually mentioning that Earth looks like it’s expanding. A statement I found profoundly intriguing at the time, some five years ago. This sent me on a grand tour in search of an explanation, which ultimately led me to the works of Morton Spears and Halton Arp, both strongly suggesting that reality is fundamentally made up of particles. Combining this observation with input from Wallace Thornhill, Peter Woodhead, Andrew Johnson, Freddie Thornton, Steve Whetstone, Alistair Riddoch, Franck Vallée, Michael Roffe, Michael Heikkinen and others, I arrived at the conclusion that the universe can in fact be explained entirely in terms of particles and motion.

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