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If the gravitational force is communicated by neutrinos in the manner suggested in this book, then this force is dependent on four factors:

  1. The distance between two objects
  2. The total number of charged quanta involved (mass)
  3. The availability of neutrinos (gravitational constant)
  4. The magnitude of footprints communicated by zero-point neutrinos

The first three factors are all included in Newton’s universal law of gravity. What is not included is the possibility that charged matter may be different than neutral matter in respect to the gravitational force.

This relates to point 4. The magnitude of footprints communicated by neutrinos may be dependent on the electrical environment in which the footprints are made.

Since our planet has a charged surface, it’s by definition a capacitor. Most likely, our planet is fully charged, which would make the total charge carried by our planet enormous.

This charge exerts stress on the crust of our planet. Positive quanta are pulled towards the negative surface. Negative quanta are pulled towards the positive surface.

Since both protons and electrons are dielectric, an internal stress develops. The negative hoops and the positive hooks of these particles get pulled further out than normal.

Uncharged and charged capacitor
Uncharged and charged capacitor

When neutrinos hit these stressed particles, they get in-printed with more pronounced footprints. This translates into more forceful collisions between neutrinos in the surrounding space, and therefore stronger gravity.

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