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Intrinsic red-shift is an idea proposed by the astronomer Halton Arp in order to explain the red-shift associated with quasars.

Quasars are young galaxies that appear to be physically linked to older galaxies. In some cases, a visible connection can be seen, like an umbilical cord, connecting the quasar to its parent galaxy.

However, the tremendous red-shift associated with quasars pose a problem for those trying to interpret the visual data.

Quasar with red-shifted hydrogen spectrum, connected to parent galaxy
Quasar with red-shifted hydrogen spectrum, connected to parent galaxy

Using red-shift as a measure of distance, we end up with quasars being extremely distant.

This conflicts with their visible connection to galaxies that are estimated to be much closer to us.

Another problem with quasars is that they are relatively bright. If they are as distant as they appear to be based on red-shift estimates, they must be mindbogglingly energetic.

To get around this problem, Halton Arp proposed that quasars are made up of matter that is less massive than matter found in our solar system.

Hydrogen in quasars are lighter than hydrogen on Earth. The light spectrum of hydrogen in quasars is therefore red-shifted relative to the light spectrum of hydrogen found on our planet.

The red-shifts seen in quasars are not indicative of distance, but of age.

Matter starts out with little mass. As time progresses, mass condenses onto matter, making it gradually more heavy. Light from young matter is red compared to its older, heavier counterpart.

To see that this is a valid proposition, we can compare the light spectrum of hydrogen to that of its heavier isotope, deuterium.

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  1. Halton Arps conclusions were based on observations through many years at the Palomar observatory. He was a most respected astronomer and his conclusions on the Intrinsic redshift were contradictory to the expansion idea of the redshift. His observations and concluding hypothesis were never tested, nor taken seriously by academia. And he was refused further observation time “unless he changed his line of research “! Which says the most regarding openness towards contradictory research in America! Science has turned into religion!

    Science/religion/politics has become a dangerous mix against TRUTH in society! The Big Bang never happened! If JWST has not been tampered with (to prove the BB), we will hopefully see a total rebirth of astronomical science when further observations takes us further back in time!

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