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The theory proposed in this book uses Morton Spears’ particle model, proposed in his second book on gravity, published in 1993. The reason for this is that it’s the simplest model I could find that suits the purpose of my physics. Nothing more elaborate is required.

Morton Spears’ model is much simpler than standard physicists. Morton Spears doesn’t invoke a large array of Quarks, Leptons and Bosons. Instead he makes the proposition that the subatomic is made up of three indestructible particle quanta. One negatively charged, the other positively charged, and the third neutral. These particle quanta are all 3-dimensional and therefore easy to relate to.

Morton Spears' 3 Particle Quanta
Morton Spears' 3 Particle Quanta

Some may object to this alternative to standard theory based on evidence that suggest that Quarks, Lepton and Bosons are real. However, the evidence isn’t conclusive. All that’s been observed is that atoms smashed together with great force break apart. A large number of short lived particles appear before promptly recombining into something more stable. Nothing is proved beyond the fact that atoms are made up of a large number of smaller parts.

Choosing conventional particle physics over Morton Spears’ model would merely complicate things as far as my particular theory is concerned. I chose therefore to go with Morton Spears, and since nothing turned up in which I would require Quarks, Leptons or Bosons, I stuck with his model.

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