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Once we assume the existence of a dense and highly fluid aether of zero-point particles, we get that anything that moves around in this aether must be accompanied by a pilot wave. Just like a boat traversing a lake, a particle cannot move through the aether without disturbing it.

This idea isn’t new. Louis de Broglie introduced the idea of pilot waves back in 1929 in order to get around the bizarre idea that particles can interfere with themselves by going through two openings at the same time.

Pilot wave theory
Pilot wave theory

The main difference between de Broglie’s pilot wave theory and the mechanism outlined in this book is that de Broglie never gave an explanation as to what the pilot wave might consist of. Instead of an aether, he invoked a mysterious hidden variable.

In addition to the double slit experiment, pilot wave theory can be used to explain reflections and refraction.

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