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The electromagnetic phenomena of visible light, radio waves, gamma-rays and the like, are ascribed to the photon, a tiny massless particle capable of carrying energy.

Since Morton Spears’ neutral quantum is assigned to the neutrino, the photon has to be made of an equal number of positive and negative charged quanta.

The photon has to be dielectric.

Electron, neutrino and dielectric photon
Electron, neutrino and dielectric photon

The fact that photons are much smaller than electrons, and without inertial mass, implies that the quanta involved are in a compact massless state.

For photons to be made of the exact same type of quanta as electrons and protons, Morton Spears’ quanta will have to come in two states, one small and compact, and the other large and bloated.

The quanta making up electrons and protons must be in an open state while the quanta making up the photon are in a closed state.

Quanta in the open state, are large, with inertia. Quanta in the closed state are small, with no inertia.

Photons are thus made up of an equal number of positively and negatively charge quanta in the closed state.

As for the exact composition of the photon, it can be derived from the phenomenon of electron-positron pair production.

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