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Once we accept the idea that electricity, rather than gravity, is the main force in the universe, many things become easier to explain.

We no longer need a super-dense crystal at the core of our planet.

There’s no need for dark energy, dark matter, black holes or a big bang.

There’s no need for a beginning or an end to the universe.

Instead, we have an eternal universe with no start and no end. Some areas are young. Others are old. Creation and destruction happen continuously and everywhere.

Galaxy cluster IDCS J1426 By ESA/Hubble, CC BY 4.0,
Galaxy cluster IDCS J1426 By ESA/Hubble, CC BY 4.0,

Where exactly our region of the universe is in this cycle is hard to say, but I suspect we’re somewhere in the middle, perhaps a little closer to the end than the start.

An interesting consequence of an eternal universe is that it’s almost certainly teaming with life. The universe as a whole is likely to be a giant ecosystem, complete with mechanisms to seed young planets and move lifeforms from one place to another.

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