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Mars has a scar. It’s called Valles Marineris.

Mars with Valles Marineris clearly visible By NASA / USGS (see PIA04304 catalog page) -, Public Domain,
Mars with Valles Marineris clearly visible By NASA / USGS (see PIA04304 catalog page) -, Public Domain,

This scar is either a rift due to planetary expansion or the result of a prolonged electrical discharge between itself and another planet. Which one it is can be determined by taking note of certain tell tale features.

The edges of the scar have the characteristic zigzag pattern that electricity produces.

The scar is widest in the middle by quite a lot. This is also where a number of smaller scars are formed, indicating a widening out of the current flow at the moment the two planets were the closest together.

The scar is wide all the way. It doesn’t taper into a fine line, which we would expect from planetary expansion.

To the left in the picture, we can see a round pattern. The discharge has been lingering at this point as the two planets moved away from each other. This is what discharges do. Once an arc has been established, the connection isn’t immediately broken by pulling away. It sticks.

Valles Marineris can therefore be taken as evidence of a rogue planet that once roamed our solar system. This rogue planet may have been Mars itself. It may also have been some other planet, possibly one that was successfully ejected by Mars.

It appears that a great battle took place in the heavens in some distant past. It may not be entirely coincidental that Mars is known as the god of war.

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  1. Valles Marineris…ON EARTH…as it is in the heavens. The similarities are strikingly apparent and if verified would be confirmation of astronomical proportions that Greek ‘Mythology’ is indeed a body of (allegorical) knowledge preserving ancient times and events. The signature of cosmic ordinance…the thunderbolt…exchanged between Earth and Mars is indelibly executed by ‘the gods’ themselves…highlighted in red ochre.

    From an electrical perspective, planets are capacitors which all, big and small (Above as Below), have their breaking points. Earth’s capacitance was exceeded during its close encounter of the Martian kind, resulting in a massive failure in the tectonic dielectric…the “Ring of Fire”…that continues to leak in the process of nucleosynthesis…volcanism.

    The “Ring of Fire” rings true in decoded Greek Mythology. New discoveries are unfolding faster than Jason can log them in. The Argo is now riding on hydrofoils powered by magnetohydrodynamic propulsion.

    The Valley of the Mariners’ counterpart on earth in parallel with Greek Mythology is being navigated more swiftly than Jason can fleece the golden wool. Jason is re-boarding the Argo for a voyage of rediscovery in the final quest for the Golden Fleece.

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