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Time, Energy and Consciousness

When energy is distributed through our bodies, there’s a delay due to the fact that nothing moves faster than light. This delay is experienced by us as time.

The electron as a clock
Photon traversing an electron

Time has duration because the aether has a speed limit. However, this does not explain why time has direction. To understand the arrow of time, we have to look into how energy is distributed through inertial matter, because it’s the direction of energy delivery that gives time itself direction.

Keeping in mind that time is not a physical entity, that it’s merely an interpretation of delay and energy transfer, we see that our notion of time is a direct consequence of inertia and how energy distributes through inertial matter. To understand time, we must study kinetics and understand the importance of pilot waves, because it’s pilot waves that dictate energy flow.

At any given moment, pilot waves define the state of a system, and dictate the further development of that system in a predictable manner. There is a forward direction implied in this, and it’s this forward direction that we know as the arrow of time.

One way to visualize this is to imagine a single particle with an associated pilot wave. The leading end of this pilot wave represents the particle’s immediate future, because that’s where its energy is headed. The trailing end of the pilot wave represents the particle’s immediate past, because that’s where its energy came from. With everything being driven forward by energy flow, we end up perceiving time as something perpetually moving forward.

Photon loosing energy as it moves through the aether
The arrow of time

We perceive time the way we do because we are made of inertial matter. Our very consciousness is part of this great system of inertial matter that we call life. As such, we experience time relative to our own inertia, both when it comes to duration and direction.

Consciousness is tied up to energy flow. Wherever energy flows is the future. Wherever it is right now is the present, and wherever it came from is the past. Consciousness is like a wave front, perpetually driven forward by the aether.

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