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Transmutations and the SAFIRE Project

The SAFIRE project has a new video in which they claim to have evidence of low energy transmutations taking place in their plasma chamber. They also claim to have achieved cold fusion results with more energy produced than what was supplied. If true, this would be a major break through for the electric model of our sun, and the hypothesis that stars are electrical accelerators.

It would also prove that transmutations are more common than what is generally believed. It would lend support to the proton-electron model of the atom where subatomic textures tie things together at the nuclear level. Without the electric strong and weak forces to prevent transmutations from happening, such processes can take place more routinely in nature. Controlled transmutations may even happen inside living organisms, as was generally believed before the advent of modern nuclear physics.

Potassium transmuting into light isotope of calcium by shedding an electron
Potassium transmuting into light isotope of calcium by shedding an electron

If the claims made by the SAFIRE project turn out to be true, a lot of physics would have to be rewritten, and it’s my hope that at least some attention will be given to my proposed model since it seems to match reality better than theories currently in vogue.

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