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Everything is of the Aether

The strict particle model presented in my book of physics leads us to the conclusion that everything is in some way derived from the aether. In the final analysis we get that even space is a substance, and that matter is created out of this same substance.

We arrive at this conclusion from the position taken early in my book. The aether is so dense that every particle in it is in contact with every neighboring particle, and this aether exists in a void that has no properties whatsoever. From this, we get that dimensions, distances, time and energy are directly or indirectly derived from the aether. We also get that space and aether are two words for the same thing. Nothing exists outside of the aether.

Later, when we discover that the aether is a mix of low energy photons and neutrinos, we end up concluding that electromagnetic radiation, such as light, is energized space. Every photon has its origin in the aether.

At very high energies, light becomes matter through electron-positron production, and since light is energized space, we get that matter must be space as well, energized to such an extent that it has become the stuff that we are made of.

Electron-positron pair production from photon
Electron-positron pair production

From this we end up with a holistic world view. Although separated into tiny fragments, everything in the universe is of the same substance. The great varieties in manifestation is merely a result of differences in energy levels. Fundamentally, everything is of the aether. There’s no exception.

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