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Three Great Imbalances

There are three great imbalances in the universe. They are:

  1. The difference in size between electrons and protons
  2. Gravity, with no apparent anti-gravity
  3. The twisting motion of electric currents

These phenomena appear at first glance to have little in common. However, at closer inspection, we see a common denominator. If there is even a tiny difference in affinity between positive and negative charged particles so that the repelling force between two negative particles is stronger than the repelling force between positive particles, we get a single answer to all three phenomena.

Protons are bigger than electrons because protons will under certain circumstances accept additional matter, while electrons reject any attempt at material increase.

Gravity is an imbalance in the electric force. Attraction between different charged particles is a tiny bit stronger than repulsion between equally charged particles.

Currents twist because charge separation is skewed towards negatively charge particles. To compensate for the difference in momentum received in the charge separation process, electric currents twist.

Charge separation

The full explanation for this can be found in my latest book. In particular the chapters on four stable particles, gravity and magnetism.

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