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Higgs Boson

The Higgs Boson is an essential part of the standard model of elementary particles. It is needed to explain mass and the extremely short range  of the weak force.

Without the Higgs Boson, the standard model would have to be completely revised or abandoned all together. It was therefore a big deal when researchers found this particle some time back. There was much self congratulation, and presumably a lot of relief too.

However, it is far from clear that the famed Higg Boson has in fact been observed. Such things only exist in the standard model. There is no need for them in alternative theories.

From a theoretical viewpoint, it is doubtful that there is such a thing as mass. Mass is not a physical entity, but a convenient shorthand for inertia and gravity.

In the particle theory proposed in my book, short range forces are not forces but textures. Particles have uneven surfaces. It is this texture that explains their short range interactions.

Gravity is an imbalance in the electrical force, and inertia is time delay in energy transfer.

There is no need for a special particle for any of this.

The Higgs Boson appears to be needed for the sole purpose of solving problems internal to the standard model. The mind-boggling complexity required to explain such simple mechanisms as inertia and the electric weak force is a symptom of a model that has lost its way in its own internal maze.

Summary of interactions between particles described by the Standard Model

By Eric Drexler – Own work, CC0,

This is the sort of mess we end up with by making premature decisions on what theory to concentrate on.

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