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Jupiter in Labor?

According to legend, Jupiter has given birth to numerous children, including Venus. This is interpreted by Electric Universe proponents as real physical events. The planet Jupiter gave birth to its moons, and to Venus which managed to escape Jupiter’s gravitational field to become an independent planet of the solar system.

The physics behind this is that all planets, and large planets in particular, become electrically stressed from time to time, and that they split off some of their mass in order to reduce the stress. Since the surface areas of two spheres are larger than a single sphere made out of the same amount of matter, the electrical tension experienced by two spheres will be less than that experienced by the single body before the split.

Seen in this perspective, the fact that Jupiter’s great red spot is becoming smaller, rounder and taller, is particularly interesting. Could it be that Jupiter is about to give birth to a new moon, or planet?

Jupiter’s great red spot
By NASA, Public Domain

At present, the red spot is about the size of Earth. Like all storms, it has a low pressure area in the middle. The bulk of its matter is located away from the center.

If this is the way planets and moons are formed, then we can expect them to have large and diffuse cores, just like Jupiter itself.

Personally, I find it interesting that the great spot on Jupiter is red. It indicates that it may be rich in iron and other minerals. If the storm is mineral rich, like a sand-storm, the planet produced may indeed be a rock planet or moon. This would fit the observed evidence very well. Small planets and moons are spherical rocks. Only the larger ones have an atmosphere.

From legends, it is also possible to derive the possible consequences of a birthing planet. Saturn consumed most of its children immediately after birth. However, this did not end well for Saturn, which ultimately split into two, forming Jupiter in the process.

If Jupiter is in the process of giving birth, the likelihood that this will happen relatively soon is in fact quite good. We are entering a grand solar minimum. This will cause storms to intensify, not only on Earth, but on all the planets in our solar system. A laboring Jupiter is therefore about to get an extra push. Maybe sufficient to expel its red spot from its body.

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