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Whale Bones in the Sahara Desert

There are whale bones in the Sahara desert. Whale bones have also been found in Peru and Chile.

At first glance, this may look like evidence for a great flood. However, the bones are ancient. They don’t belong to animals that exist today. By some estimates they are as much as 43 million years old, so if the whales died due to a flood it’s not the flood mentioned in the Bible, nor is this evidence in support of Peter Warlow’s tippe-top theory.

Rather, this supports the position that Earth is an expanding planet that was largely covered by shallow seas as recently as 43 million years ago.

The whales died in these seas, or they were beached next to them. As our planet continued its expansion, their remains grew increasingly remote from water, until today where they are found far inland.

South pole view of the expanding Earth
South pole view of the expanding Earth

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  1. The mythologists seem to have a lot of evidence for a previous brown dwarf (Saturn?) dimly lighting our skies 10k yrs ago. The catastrophe that followed when our star was snuffed out could have caused major earth and water movements. Many new species could have resulted from the change to Sol. Instant ‘evolution’ is possible in Nature, given right conditions, we don’t need Gradualist millions of years! The levels of radiation would have been off the scale!

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