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Mistake of the Century

When modern physics got rid of the aether, all sorts of trouble emerged. The electric force, the magnetic force and gravity were suddenly mysterious actions at a distance.

A whole range of phenomena at the subatomic level became probability weirdness in which things could be more than one place at a time. Space and time became something flexible that could bend and curve.

Since no-one can properly comprehend such concepts, everything became math and formulas. Physics became an exercise in advanced mathematics.

However, the moment the aether is allowed back into physics, things become at once more understandable and real. Forces become high and low pressure areas in the aether. Subatomic uncertainties become manifestations of interference with the aether. Space and time no longer need to curve and bend. Instead, it is the particles in the aether that change.

Electron surrounded by zero-point particles

An electron in an aether of zero-point particles

Getting rid of the aether was probably the biggest mistake in modern science.

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