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Planetary Alignments

There was a rare planetary alignment on March 7 this year. As expected, nothing out of the ordinary happened on that day, so everybody had another chance at mocking the astrologers and mystics for their beliefs.

However, there might be more to planetary alignments than meets the eye. They may not be as insignificant as some make them out to be.

Above the round domes of La Silla Observatory in Chile, three astronomical objects in the Solar System — Jupiter (top), Venus (lower left), and Mercury (lower right)

By ESO/Y. Beletsky –, CC BY 4.0,

Alignments are cyclical, and so is the Sun. Alignments may therefore have something to do with the state of the Sun. Certain alignments may make our Sun more active, others may make it less active.

We have had of late an uptick in geological activity. Spring has come late to the northern hemisphere this year. The red spot on Jupiter has become smaller and taller.

This may all be related. Especially in an electric perspective. If our Sun is powered by an external electrical input, then our entire solar system is a circuit in which energy flows change depending on the location of planets.

If all planets are clustered on one side of the Sun, the overall energy flow will skew towards the planets, making the Sun a little less active while making planets a little more stressed.

Isn’t this exactly what we are seeing? Isn’t the uptick in geological activity a sign of stress? Isn’t the low solar activity a sign of less energy input? It certainly appears to be the case.

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