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Black Holes

The hypothetical black holes, that are currently presented as science facts, suffer from the same theoretical weaknesses as neutron stars, only more so. The observational evidence we have for their existence can just as well be explained from an electromagnetic viewpoint.

Ring currents of hot plasma will pull matter towards themselves while retaining dark central spots. This can easily be confirmed in a laboratory. Furthermore, everyone who has ever played with static electricity knows that charged matter attracts neutral matter. They will also know that charged matter has a much greater pull on neutral matter than mere gravity. A statically charged balloon will pull dust off the floor without any trouble, despite having to fight the gravitational pull of our entire planet.

If anyone mistakenly interpret static electricity as gravity, their mass estimates will be off by trillions upon trillions in magnitude. The statically charged balloon will be interpreted as a black hole, a super-dense object far smaller than our planet, with a tremendous “gravitational” pull on dust.

What makes it even more likely that astronomers have mistakenly interpreted static charge in hot plasma as gravity produced by black holes is that the theory behind black holes is extremely dodgy. It relies on unsound mathematics where no less than two singularities have been redefined as infinities. There is a singularity at the so called event horizon, from which no electromagnetic signals can escape, and there is a singularity at the black hole center where everything becomes infinitely dense and hot.

Another problem with this theory is that it relies entirely on Einstein’s curved space. If gravity relies on particles of any kind, or is electromagnetic in nature, no information can be communicated from within the event horizons where the bodies of black holes are supposedly hidden. Since nothing can escape black holes, all information about their masses must necessarily be lost.

With only a single theory of physics allowing for black holes, and dodgy math required to support them, chances are that they do not exist.

Blackness of space with black marked as center of donut of orange and red gases

Black hole, ring current of hot plasma, or something else entirely

By Event Horizon Telescope (image link) The highest-quality image (7416×4320 pixels, TIF, 16-bit, 180 Mb), ESO Article, ESO TIF, CC BY 4.0, Link

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