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Eye of the storm

Two Bizarre Blobs Detected Deep Inside Earth

Studies of seismic data have recently revealed that Earth contains two large structures. One is located under the west coast of Africa. The other is located under the Pacific, at the other side of our planet from the African blob.

There are two main explanations for these blobs. One relates to the hypothetical process known as subduction. The other relates to a hypothetical collision between Earth and the Moon at the start of our planet’s existence. Neither of these hypothesis are promoted in my books on physics, so I would like to present an alternative explanation. This one based on the idea that Earth was created much quicker than what is generally believed, and that the driving force for Earth’s creation was electrical rather than gravitational.

Keeping in mind that electric currents come as pairs, we can expect electric creation processes to have two parts to them. If planets are formed through rapid contraction of two spiraling blobs of matter, we should see remnants of the leading part of such blobs. The result should have a yin-yang feel to it.

Yin and yang.svg


By Iruka13 – This file was derived from: Urkällan.svg, Public Domain, Link

Most of this will be drawn out and mixed, but the pressure fronts should remain, and that is what the observed blobs may be.

Thanks to Andrew Johnson for making me aware of this new finding.

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