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Seeing Double – The Two Orb Shape

In this video from the Electric Universe community, emphasis is put on the fact that much of what is observed in the universe comes in pairs, and that the two orb shape is far more common than should be expected from standard theory. The explanation for this, presented by Wallace Thornhill, is that gravity is not the main force in the universe. Rather, Birkeland currents are behind most of what is observed.

Birkeland currents twist as they move through space. The reason for this, suggested in an earlier post, is that there is an imbalance in the electric force. In order to restore balance within Birkeland currents, negative charge have to move farther than positive charge, and a twisting pattern is the most efficient way to achieve this.

What should be noted is that the two orb model of the photon is at the heart of this explanation.

Two orb model of the photon

The dielectric photon as a composition of three negative and three positive particle quanta

Considering that the two orb photon makes up the dielectric component of the aether, it appears that we have found the origin of the two orb shapes so frequently seen in nature. The shapes can be traced back to the photon.

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