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Stability of the Solar System

The stability of our solar system is one of the oldest problems in theoretical physics, dating back to Isaac Newton.

Newton used his laws of force and motion to determine the motion of a single planet around the Sun. However, the actual solar system contains eight planets, each interacting ever so lightly with every other.

The number of stable configurations that can be achieved with gravity alone is extremely small, and there is no room for deviation. Even a tiny disturbance will cause the system to collapse into chaos.

The solar system

By Harman Smith and Laura Generosa (nee Berwin), graphic artists and contractors to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, with Pluto removed by User:Frokor – Based on Image:Solar_sys.jpg, with Pluto removed. Copied from, Public Domain,

Yet, the solar system is stable. Orbits are near perfect circles. There’s no sign of deterioration.

Newton’s conclusion from all of this was that God must have a role in it. God must have set every planet and moon into their proper place, and then set it going. Every now and again, God has to return to our solar system to keep things in balance.

Without some additional force, far stronger than gravity, all orbital configurations will collapse if exposed to a sudden jolt. It is only in times of balance that gravity alone can keep planets and moons in their steady clockwork orbits.

In times of stress, an iron hand is required to put everything back into order. That iron hand is not God, but static electricity, as explained in the chapter on orbits in my book.

What we are observing in our solar system is not the absence of any force but gravity, but a system in harmony, where gravity alone is sufficiently strong to keep things going.

Static electricity is the iron hand that is ready to come in and put things back into place at the slightest upset. The reason we cannot see it, is that this fist is at the moment relaxed. It is not gripping onto any of the planets or moons, because all these bodies are presently in harmony with each other.

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