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The Energy Puzzle

Energy is the capacity to do work, and by work, we mean moving things around.

When I pick up a wood block from the floor, I do work in order to put it on a shelf. Energy is transferred from me to the block.

If the block should fall from the shelf and onto a ball on the ground, energy will be transferred to the ball by the exact amount that the block gives to it.

All of this is easy to understand. Except, there’s a step that is not fully accounted for. The block falling from the shelf down to the ball involves acceleration. Yet, there’s no change in the block’s energy.

There is no transfer of energy from the block to its environment before it hits the ball and the ground. There is a conversion of energy from potential to kinetic. But this conversion is merely a matter of Newtonian accounting.

We can use Newton’s equation to calculate the exact speed that the block hits the ball, and the exact amount of energy that is transferred from the block to the ball through that interaction. But we cannot use Newton’s equations to explain why the block is falling.

Whichever way we look at this, we come to the conclusion that there is acceleration without any overall change in energy.

Gravity accelerates things without adding or subtracting energy.

Looking into the electric force and the magnetic force, we discover that they too accelerate things without adding or subtracting energy. Any change in energy communicated through the electric or magnetic force is supplied from outside, as explained in the two chapters on motors and generators and radio transmission.

All three field forces are accelerations of various kinds, communicated through high and low pressure areas in the aether. These pressure areas are not like high and low pressures in weather systems. They do not carry any weight or energy.

Electron surrounded by zero-point particles

An electron in an aether of zero-point particles

High and low pressure areas in the aether are imbalances that nature inherently seeks to correct.

This is a fundamental attribute of nature, on par with entropy and the constant speed of light.

The block falling to the ground is merely responding to an inherent tendency towards equilibrium in the aether. The same is true for charged particles accelerating in an electric field, or magnetic materials responding to a magnetic field. There is acceleration with no change in energy, all due to various imbalances in the aether.

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