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The Aether as a Fluid

In my book on physics, I come to the early conclusion that there has to be an aether with a ready supply of low energy photons and neutrinos. This is needed in order to explain the sudden appearance and disappearance of detectable photons and neutrinos. Alternatively, we have to conclude that such particles can come into existence from nothing but “pure energy”, an idea that I dismiss as nonsensical.

I further conclude that the aether has to be very dense. The electric, magnetic and gravitational force can then in turn be explained as high and low pressure areas in the aether. The constant movement of the low energy photons and neutrinos making up the aether explains why particles vibrate. It is not the particles that possess wavelengths, it is the aether that constantly push them about. The double slit experiment can thus be explained.

Pilot wave theory

Pilot wave theory explaining the double slit experiment

Towards the end of my book, I show that the existence of an aether can explain such phenomena as time and the Mercury anomaly. Empty space is reduced to a void without properties. Time and space are properties of matter interacting with the aether. The Mercury anomaly is due to a high density of low energy photons. Subatomic particles are smaller close to massive bodies. The aether is correspondingly denser.

This in turn leads to the final conclusion of my book. There is no need for two separate physics to explain the universe. Quantum physics and relativity can be joined together, provided we accept the existence of an aether.

A criticism of my work has from the start been that I do not include sufficient math to support my claims scientifically. My work remains an outline for a theory without the required math to support it. However, now it appears that there is in fact some math already in existence in support of much that is deduced logically in my book. Stefan Dorman, a Facebook friend of mine, was kind enough to point out that a certain Dr Franck Delplace has come to very much the same conclusion as I have, but through a different line of thoughts.

Dr Franck Delplace has written a paper in which he uses fluid dynamics to join relativity with quantum physics. He concludes that a very high density and highly fluid aether can account for the observed universe, both at the subatomic and the astronomic level. With a fluid model of the aether, we no longer have to curve space-time. All that is required is for the aether to be denser close to massive bodies than farther away. This is pretty much identical to my own conclusion, and now, thanks to Dr Franck Delplace’s paper, we have mathematical formulas to back up this claim.

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